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PK Cleaning are gutter cleaning specialists operating in Walsall and surrounding areas. We have over 10 years experience of cleaning gutters safely and efficiently. We are fully insured and provide before and after pictures on every job we do free of charge.

No Extra Cost For Before and After Pictures

 We always use a camera on every gutter job to take before and after photographs plus video. We believe that it is essential to use a remote camera when using a gutter vacuum.

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Prices - Gutter Cleaning Walsall

3/4 Bed Semi-Detached or Terraced  £85 ( £95 with Conservatory or Extension)

3/4 Bed Detached  £95 ( £105 with Conservatory or Extension)

5 Bed Detached  £110 ( £120 with Conservatory or Extension)

Town House  £95 ( £105 with Conservatory or Extension)


Prices - Gutter Clearing and Fascia/Soffit Cleaning Walsall

Double the price for clearing and then subtract 10%

example 3/4 bed semi.   

double   2 * £85 = £170

minus 10%  of £170 = £170 -£17 = £153

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Why Do I NEED My Gutters Clearing?

As a homeowner taking care of your property is very important to you. Pound for pound having your gutters maintained by a professional gutter cleaning company in Walsall like us,  is one of the best ways you can look after your property.

Firstly the debris can absorb rainwater drastically adding weight to the gutters causing damage to them. Secondly the rainwater can build up and overflow causing damage to your brickwork and creating areas of damp..

Old adages such as a stitch in time saves nine or fix the roof whilst the sun is shining are very applicable to gutter clearing.

If you think you may have a problem it is probably best to air on the side of caution and get them cleared.

How often do I need my gutters clearing?

If you know you have blocked gutters the best time to clear is as soon as possible to prevent damage.

We generally recommend that you have your gutters cleared at least once per annum. although you may need them clearing more regularly if your property is surrounded by lots of trees such as sycamore or silver birch.

What’s the best time of year?

If you’re only having them cleaned once in a year and generally the best time is after the leaves have fallen in autumn, the other good time is early spring to prevent the growth of plants in your gutters.

How can I tell if I need my gutters clearing now?

Tell-tale signs of blocked gutters are:

  • Birds or pests hanging around near the roof
  • Water spilling over the gutter edge 
  • Sagging gutters due to the extra weight inside
  • Plant growth
  • Staining on side of house
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