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Window cleaning Urmston

Urmston ,Flixton and Carrington


Have you got dirty windows?

Are you having trouble finding a window cleaner in Urmston who is reliable, cleans your frames, all your windows and does not let a big bill build up. If so you have come to the right place.


Get All Your Windows, Frames and Doors Cleaned and Save Up To 50% on Your Bill.

Hi, my name is Paul and I clean windows in Urmston where I have many happy customers in Urmston and Flixton. Just listen to the video which features some of my customers who generously offered some kind words. I cannot thank them enough. 

When I started out as a window cleaner my belief was that if I did an excellent job for my customers and offered them good value, then my business would grow by referrel and reputation. Over the years I have certainly found this to be the case, all my experience has backed this up. I have also seen examples of the opposite to be true as well, where other people have not done a good job and their business has suffered.

Using Pure Water Technology Your Windows Stay Clean for Up To 3 Times as Long as Using Soap

Tools don't clean windows people do. What I mean is that the attitude of the person doing the cleaning is more important than the equipment or method used. At PK Cleaning we take pride in our work.

Is Soap Such a Great Cleaning Medium?

Soap does have some draw backs for cleaning, the problem is that some sticky soap residue is left on the windows and this attracts dirt. This means that they get dirty again quite quickly and so to maintain them you have to get them cleaned roughly every 2 weeks. 

If instead we use purified, de-ionised water no sticky residue is left behind. The fact that the water is de-ionised means that is very reactive and so has more cleaning power than normal tap water, the fact that is purified means that no mineral deposits are left on the glass as they dry.

Best Results for Leaded and Cut Out Windows

Other benefits we get using pure water are that you get a much better clean on leaded and georgian style windows. It is difficult to get a good clean on these types of windows because you would normally have to use a cloth and all that would happen is the dirt would be moved around rather than taken away. With pure water cleaning methods we first agitate the dirt then it is rinsed away. 

Cleaning Third Storey, Over Sloping Roofs or Conservatories is No Problem

We are able to clean hard to reach windows over sloping roofs without damaging your roof tiles and clean third storey windows without risking life and limb. 

So if you would like to get a quote from a professional and reliable window cleaner and live in Urmston, Flixton or Carrington then please do not hesitate to give me a call on the number above or my mobile 07480803231.