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We only now collect payment via direct debit through GOCARDLESS.

The reason we collect payment via Direct Debit is it saves our customers and ourselves time and effort.

Once set up the way it works is:

  1. At the end of the day we've cleaned a customers windows we request payment  by submitting our worksheet.

  2. Straight away an email goes to our customer informing them of our request including the amount.

  3. Roughly 7 days later the money transfers between accounts

  4. Our database is automatically updated

If for some reason we did not clean on a particular day, for example say the van broke down, then no request would be made and no payment taken. It is not a standing order.

This payment method is covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee . It is the safest and securest payment method there is.

You can set up payment for your window cleaning using the link below



If you are a already a customer and pay via a different method please convert using GOCARDLESS below


The simplest way to pay for your window cleans. Once set up you don't need to do anything else. We can collect your payment via Direct Debit. You have a clear record of all payments taken so it is completely transparent. This ensures your cleans are paid for regularly and you don't build up a big bill.


To start paying via GoCardless simply enter your address and click the link below.

Faster payments

Faster payments can be made using the following bank details


account name: PK Cleaning


account no.  00910974        sort code   090129