using the vac release valve for gutter cleaning with the Skyvac nitro

Gutter Cleaning Hack-Time Saving with New Vac Release

Whilst out cleaning with my new skyvac nitro gutter Vac I took this video. It wasn’t until I played it back that I just noticed how many times I was using the new Vac release on the elite poles.

I knew this feature would be a time saver, but The video just showed how much I was getting to rely on it and how much time it must be saving me.

If I didn’t have this,  every time something got stuck at the end of the pole, I would’ve had to bring the pole down and then  get to the tool end of the pole and pull off the debris. Alternatively I could have pulled the hose off the pole section but this is difficult and awkward when you’ve got a big heavy pole in the air, especially if it’s got some weight on the end so the vac release just makes the whole process a lot quicker and safer.

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