using the vac release valve for gutter cleaning with the Skyvac nitro

Gutter Cleaning Hack-Time Saving with New Vac Release

Gutter Cleaning Hack-Time Saving with New Vac Release

Whilst out cleaning with my new skyvac nitro gutter Vac I took this video. It wasn’t until I played it back that I just noticed how many times I was using the new Vac release on the elite poles.

I knew this feature would be a time saver, but The video just showed how much I was getting to rely on it and how much time it must be saving me.

If I didn’t have this,  every time something got stuck at the end of the pole, I would’ve had to bring the pole down and then  get to the tool end of the pole and pull off the debris. Alternatively I could have pulled the hose off the pole section but this is difficult and awkward when you’ve got a big heavy pole in the air, especially if it’s got some weight on the end so the vac release just makes the whole process a lot quicker and safer.

Some Like It Hot

Hot Water Window Cleaning!

I’ve considered getting a hot water window cleaning system for some years. I’ve seen debates on the forums, guys saying how great it is and then others disagreeing with them. The only way to really know is to invest in a system and try it out so that’s exactly what I did.


Oh my God, what a game changer! The quality of the window cleans in my opinion is unrivalled. You get cleaner frames, cleaner doors, cleaner glass and all in less cleaning time.


I’ve collected data from my van trackers for about 50 cleans and this shows that overall there is approximately a 25% reduction in cleaning time. This is a massive reduction considering that the cleans are actually better quality than previous.


As I buy vans moving forward, every new van will be equipped with a diesel heater system and have hot water.


One of the benefits of getting a diesel heater, is that it offers protection in cold weather from getting all your houses frozen. My diesel heater has a blower attached that automatically turns on when the temperature inside the van gets below 3°C. In the past, we’ve put radiators in the vans to keep the vans warm overnight but inevitably there are times when you miss the weather reports and you don’t realise it’s going to be freezing in the morning. You end up losing half a days work because of frozen pipes. 

I can’t wait for the freezing weather now to see how effective my new system is.

In this video, you see some bird mess on a window,  it’s gone a dark colour so it’s really dried out and baked on. You would be able to remove this with cold pure water but it would take a lot longer than it took me in this video.

Building a Business for the Long Term

I made this video to highlight the dangers of short-term thinking in business. When building a business, the emphasis should be on the building part. It’s easy as a service business operator to fall into the trap of being focused on making the most amount of money you can on a particular day or on a particular job but we’ve realised that it’s best to always have a long-term view. One small example is how we finish our Gutter cleaning jobs. We always show the customer before and after photos of the Gutters and later in the day we email them across to them. We also ask them for a review thus building on our gutter cleaning reputation.
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