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Pure water window cleaning from PK Window Cleaning

This is an attempt to highlight some of the advantages of pure water window cleaning. Over time we have noticed a lot of customers telling us that they have had trouble getting window cleaners interested in cleaning their windows. This is because some windows present particular problems when it comes to cleaning them. Luckily pure water fed poles overcome many of these problems.

Before we cover the problem areas just to mention the main advantage of pure water cleaning, this being that your windows and frames will stay cleaner longer. The reason for this is that no sticky soap residues are left behind, you may be thinking they squeegee it away but there is a microscopic layer left behind which attracts the dirt.

Below are some of the problem windows that the pure water cleaning method helps to solve:


Windows above Roofs

Even if you could get someone to go up there they would over time do damage to your roof tiles.

Leaded Windows

Pure water cleaning is the best for leaded windows, the key thing is that once we loosen the dirt we can rinse it away which acts like a squeegee.

The alternative is to use cloths. Apart from the fact that you can’t really clean windows with cloths the problem with these is they get dirty, this dirt can then transfer back to the windows. So what happens is you just move the dirt around.


Cut Outs

For the same reasons as leaded windows pure water cleaning is the best method.

With the pole cleaning cut outs is relatively easy, this benefits the customer because if we can do a job efficiently there are obviously cost implications.

Third Storey Windows

Over a sloping roof as well. It’s just too dangerous to attempt this with a ladder.

You may get someone who offers to do it but is it worth the risk?

Especially when there are better alternatives.

Windows in Tight Spaces

Yes I am there somewhere, honest. I don’t think you’re going to get a ladder in there.