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Best Way To Clean Windows

Can't I Just Use Soapy Water And A Cloth?

You can clean windows with soap and a cloth but as you have probably noticed you end up with smeary windows. This is very noticeable on sunny days when the sun is low in the sky. It is caused by microscopic differences in the thickness of the glass, the windows are not dirty but they still don’t look good.


This is why we suggest using a squeegee accompanied by some clean dry cloths to clean your windows.


Isn’t There Quite A Difficult Technique To Using A Sqeegee?


Using a squeegee is as difficult and skilled as you want to make it. You can practice your S technique and "build up the mountain and chop it down” but if you don’t want to start a career as a window cleaner then you can still use the squeegee in a much simper way. See below how anyone can use a squeegee and get good results.


Equipment Needed

Medium length squeegee 10-12”

At least 2 dry clean cloths (preferably microfibre)

Soap (fairy liquid type) 

Step 1

Remove all objects from the window sills, we don’t want to break that ming vase and open any curtains or venetians. To save time it is best to do this to all windows in the area you want to clean first.


Step 2

Remove any dust from around the frame with a dry cloth.

If the windows have not been cleaned in a very long time and are very dirty then it is probably best to give them a rub down with some other cloths first before using the squeegee.


Now use a damp cloth to apply soapy water to the windows. Only use a small amount of soap per bucket of water. Alternatively squeeze a small line of soap onto your cloth, dampen it and then apply to windows.


Step 3

Use the method of straight pulls to remove the soap from the glass as outline in the video below.









Step 4

Remove any residue around the edges of the window using a cloth covered finger.