Essential Gutter Cleaning Tool

Essential Gutter Cleaning tool

Not all gutters are the same, they differ quite a lot, and this is why you need a range of tools to clear them effectively.

One of the tools that I frequently use is the crevice tool, and very often in conjunction with a 90° tool holder .

Many gutters have very tight clearances and it’s just too tight to get the normal dirt breaker tool into the gutter effectively. With these gutters usually the problem is that the roof tiles overhang the gutter and so there is also a problem with debris collecting at the back underneath these tiles and this makes it difficult to get at.

In this video, I show a piece of guttering which I’d already gone over with the standard dirt breaker tool using the 135° hairpin tool holder. You can see that there is still a lot of debris left towards the back end of the gutter. The reason being that the suction from the tool could not reach the back of the gutter.

In this video, I demonstrate how to use the crevice tool in conjunction with the 90° tool holder, the tool holder gives me the advantage of being able to get the tip of the crevice tool to the back of the gutter and apply suction to it. Problem solved.

This shows why it its important to always use a camera when using a gutter vacuum. Without one It would be easy for someone to go over the gutter with the standard tool not realising there is still a lot of muck left behind.